Maui Tacos

By: sproutandsunshine

Aug 14 2011

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As I sit here pondering how exactly I am supposed to articulate Maui Tacos with the utmost of accuracy, I am forced to think back about the dinner I had enjoyed… perhaps a little too much of. I have always had quite the appetite, since going pescatarian though it has declined slightly in portion size and grown in amount of meals/snacks throughout the day, but today I may have met my match. First I had to get the Soft Grilled Fish Taco which came in a double flour tortilla with shredded cabbage and a divine Cilantro and Jalapeno sauce, and then decided that because the taco with tortilla chips was only $4.25, I would have to get a second taco because there is no way that a taco that cheap would fill me up, I also got the Maui Vegetarian Taco “WITH THE WORKS” which I had with refried beans (you get your choice of refried, pinto, or black), Maui Tacos’ rice, potatoes, fresh mixed greens, tomato, cheese, guacamole and sour cream (I know, it sounds a like a lot more now then it did at the time where my stomach was growling, “feed me”).

If I were forced to choose which was my favorite, the gold medal would go to the Soft Grilled Fish Taco. On my fish taco I added fresh cilantro, lime juice, and their “Hula Heat” Chile Arbol salsa, along with a small bit of salsa bearing the name something like “Lava” which was some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever tried. This fish taco was not only loaded with fish, but everything else; it was brimming full with coleslaw goodness and probably a third of the taco had fallen out by the time I finished off the tortilla. The only thing I could have wished to make it better is more of the Cilantro and Jalapeno sauce, this is mostly because I’m a total sauce person–it is almost always the sauce that makes the meal for me. I have a feeling this little place is going to be one of the best values I find in Hawaii.

The taco which I am so delicately enjoying in the photo (yes, that was sarcastic) was the Maui Vegetarian Taco and I must say, it was more fully loaded than the fish taco, or my sister’s quesadilla, or my brother’s chicken hard taco. For those who adhere to vegetarian diets, you may also have found what I have seemed to discover, as vegetarians (or myself as a pescatarian which often involves quite a bit of explaining, see my Hungry? post for a better explanation if you’re slightly lost) we are often written off as people with small stomachs. I, for one, will quickly put that rumor to rest, anyone that doesn’t believe me can fly me back to Maui and watch me eat one of these mythical vegetarian tacos that have only previously existed in my dreams.

My mother would also like to add that her Chicken Mango Salad was awesome. The mango salsa was perfectly chunky and she found the chicken to have a nice kick, which complemented the sweetness of the mago salsa. Needless to say she was more than happy paying around $9 for a salad as good, and as large as this one.

Nothing on this menu seemed to disappoint, and I can easily say I can’t wait to try more. If you’re ever in Maui, this is a spot you should not miss!

(I know I did)


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