Lahaina Prime Rib and Fish Co.

By: sproutandsunshine

Aug 14 2011

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My dad and I stumbled upon Lahaina Prime Rib and Fish Co. while wandering around the, what I assumed to be, downtown area of Lahaina. There were handfuls of restaurants offering up fresh seafood and an ocean view, and I forget what it was in particular that actually caught our eye at this place (maybe we were just really hungry), but regardless, I’m happy with the decision we made.

As we were seated at our ocean view table, the menu was promptly scrutinized by my father and myself. Their lunch menu is what I would expect for a seafood restaurant in Maui with many options including seafood of the ahi tuna, scallop, shrimp, and mahi mahi variety. I had narrowed my decision down to two of their lunch menu items, it was either going to be the grilled fresh veggie wrap featuring Portobello mushrooms, red bell peppers, zucchini with shredded smoked gouda and upcountry spring mix greens in a flour tortilla; or the Cajun ahi wrap and fries with rare grilled tuna, shredded cabbage, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese and a wasabi aioli. As I think most of you are able to tell by the picture, I went with the Cajun ahi wrap, because frankly, it’s not everyday living in good ol’ Edmonton, Alberta that you can get seafood as fresh as you can here.

I must say, I was far from disappointed. With the first bite I took, I was considering writing a mediocre review on this place, but once I realized there was a lemon on my plate that I forgot to drizzle on top and began taking my second bite, I quickly changed my mind. This wrap was fantastic, and the amount of tuna (which at first appearance doesn’t seem like very much) is well worth the $14.95 price tag. I remember saying to my dad after lunch, “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to eat seafood at home ever again…”. As I have stated in some of my earlier posts, I am most definitely a sauce girl and I must say, this wrap didn’t have very much of the wasabi aioli, yet I still wouldn’t change a thing. The amount of fish and the delicate nature of Ahi tuna served rare is a perfect accompaniment for a ‘barely there’ sauce when it is properly seasoned Cajun style. Honestly, even though I only devoured this meal maybe some 3 hours ago, looking at this picture and writing this review have caused me to crave it again. The only thing I would change for next time? I would try to get a salad instead of fries, but that’s more of a personal preference than something that needs to be done.
My dad went with their $9.995 Island fish and chips special. It was the smallest order of fish and chips I had ever seen (with the three pieces not any longer than my middle finger) but he said it was still satisfying portion wise. The fish was better than most fish and chips because it wasn’t beer battered, my bet is with panko breadcrumbs or something of the sort because the final product was so light and perfectly crispy–the way fish and chips should be.  I find, when eating heavily dense battered fish and chips, I can’t even eat the chips, so what’s the fun in that? With an option like this, were it’s light and the fish is perfectly flaky, the lack luster ‘homemade dill tartar sauce’ isn’t even something I missed.

If you’re looking for fresh seafood while on Maui for a good price and a beautiful view, I would suggest checking out this place. I still find myself asking what the heck I’m going to do at home when I can’t get seafood this fresh at home.



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